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Avlite Solar Lights for Offshore Safety

Avlite Solar Lights for Offshore Safety

Mar 13th 2024

Solar Heliport Lighting for Offshore Safety

The installation of Avlite’s A704-VL-PMX solar helipad lights and pilot-controlled systems (PALC/ARCAL) at the Ku-Maloob-Zaap oilfield platform has revolutionized offshore safety and operational efficiency. These cutting-edge technologies have provided pilots with the confidence they need to land safely in challenging conditions.

Avlite’s A704-VL-PMX lights, known for their reliability and durability, illuminate the helipad with precision, ensuring clear visibility during landing and takeoff. The L-806 wind cone further enhances safety by providing real-time wind direction information to pilots, allowing them to make informed decisions before landing.

The PALC/ARCAL system empowers pilots by giving them control over the lighting configuration based on their specific requirements, such as adjusting intensity levels or activating specific lights as needed. This level of customization ensures optimal visibility and safety during critical operations.

Overall, the integration of Avlite’s advanced solar lights and pilot-controlled systems has not only elevated safety standards but also improved operational efficiency at the Ku-Maloob-Zaap oilfield platform. Pilots can now navigate confidently in any weather conditions, knowing that they have reliable support from these innovative technologies.

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