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Black light bulbs 40W Thru 48W

Black light bulbs 40W Thru 48W - The Black Light lamp has many uses in industry, commerce as well as in the home. Black Light uses include: inspection for cracks, leaks and other flaws during manufacturing and quality control checks; use by cafes and night clubs for fluorescing costumes and decorations. Black Light is also used in outdoor and indoor advertising; window displays, theatrical and television scenery lighting; identification and marking of objects; photocopy inspection; detection of counterfeit money and bank notes; petroleum geology; stamp examination; chemistry; embalming; luminous instrument panels; insect traps and psychedelic lighting. There are two kinds of Black Light fluorescent lamps; Black Light (BL) and Black Light Blue (BLB) types. The BL lamps are similar in appearance to standard fluorescent lamps. In addition to near ultraviolet they also produce some visible light which, under some circumstances, may "wash out" the fluorescing effect. BL lamp usage, therefore, may require that an external filter be used that transmits near ultraviolet, but absorbs the visible light that is produced. BLB lamps have tubes made of special deep blue filter glass that absorbs nearly all the visible light but transmits ultraviolet, making an external filter unneccessary. Black Light fluorescent lamps are electrically and physically interchangeable with regular fluorescent lamps. They can be installed in any regular fluorescent fixture. Any questions or you can't find what your looking for, call Genesis Lamp at: 1.800.685.5267 We'll help you find the right light bulb for all of your lighting needs