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About Us

Family-owned and operated, Genesis Lamp has over 35 years of experience in the replacement light bulb business. In addition to distributing world-class products from premier manufacturers, we conduct extensive research and development to manufacture the Genesis Lamp brand of FAA compliant aviation and obstruction lamps. Headquartered in Painesville, Ohio, we are especially proud that the majority of Genesis Lamp products are manufactured right here in the United States.



Authorized Distributors for Your Lighting Solutions

Genesis Lamp serves as an Authorized Distributor for more than 37 leading light bulb manufacturers that produce top-quality lighting products. That means we have access to even the most hard-to-find home lighting, commercial lighting, airport lighting, obstruction lighting and many additional lighting solutions. All meet or exceed today’s demanding industry standards. With the development of LED lighting in the OEM and replacement light bulb market, it has changed the overall picture dramatically and rapidly. Let our customer service representatives help keep up with all of these lighting changes. 

Genesis Lamp’s ability to serve both as a manufacturer and as a distributor of aviation lighting enables us to supply the aviation industry with any and every type of specialized bulb and lighting product. For one thing, we’re the largest distributor of airfield lighting lamps and we also supply aviation lighting products for leading brands: ADB Safegate, H&P Hughey Phillips, Osram, Sylvania and more. 

The technical expertise behind Genesis Lamp’s flagship products include our own line of Genesis Lamp’s extra long life aviation light bulbs and standard airport light bulbs as well as new LED Airport lighting. Our technical expertise originated with our founder, engineer Ed Zukowski, Ph.D., who worked on the development of GE's advanced xenon strobe products for GE for over 15 years before bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience to his own company. From these beginnings Genesis Lamp grew into the industry leader in light bulbs for the aviation lighting, photographic lighting and obstruction lighting markets. This expertise as also brought us into the 21st century LED lighting market. 

The Genesis Lamp brand includes: Obstruction lighting, Airport lighting and strobe lighting, HID PAR lamps and PAR reflectors. Xenon strobes, Sealed beam, Halogen PAR reflector lamps, Halogen lamps, Xenon arc lamps, Xenon flash/strobe lighting, LED lighting, LED airport lighting and LED obstruction lighting.

From Blueprint to Bulb: Product Development and Quality Assurance

At Genesis Lamp, we don’t just manufacture and/or distribute established brands of consumer and commercial lighting products -- such as GE, Osram, Sylvania, Ushio, EIKO, LEDvance and many others, We also help develop new light bulbs and to address the most specific needs and demands of our airport lighting clients. If you have a prototype for a new, specialized lamp, or light bulb our technicians can take it through the entire certification process, dispassionately evaluating how well the product conforms to your precise specifications. At Genesis Lamp Our advanced testing facilities offer the most comprehensive manufacturer QA testing you’ll find anywhere. With our full Photometry range as well as full photo metrics capabilities.

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We Share Our Research and Development Data

Here at Genesis Lamp, we pride ourselves on our ongoing efforts to push the envelope of safety, effectiveness, ingenuity and longevity for aviation and obstruction lighting products. Genesis Lamp is addressing the new and fast moving LED airport lighting market. We also respect and support the work of other specialty lighting engineers engaged in this same important effort. Thats why we will happily share our specialty lighting light output, power, and test-result metrics with you, as long as you’re applying them toward the advancement of our industry through your own research and development efforts. 

Please feel free to reach out to us. 

Contact us with any questions and we’ll point you toward the perfect product for your lighting needs.