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Airfield Lighting Systems Upgrades at 82 U.S. Airports

Airfield Lighting Systems Upgrades at 82 U.S. Airports

Sep 28th 2023

$201M in Infrastructure Law Lights the Way to Improve Runway Safety

Get ready to take flight with improved airfield lighting systems at 82 airports! Thanks to President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding, The US transportation department is investing in state-of-the-art technology that will keep aircraft moving safely and ensure our pilots can navigate runways and taxiways with confidence.

Safety is always a top priority when it comes to aviation, and these upgraded lighting systems are a game-changer. By enhancing visibility and providing clear guidance, they will contribute to smoother operations and reduce the risk of accidents or delays.

With these advanced lighting systems, our country's airports will be equipped with cutting-edge technology that meets the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Projects announced include:

$30.6 Million to Denver International Airport in Colorado to reconstruct Runway and Taxiway lighting systems. 

$3.4 Million to Rogue Valley International Airport in Medford, Oregon to install lighted visual aids used to indicate a temporary closed runway that meet Federal Aviation Administration standards for use on the airfield to prevent runway incursions; a new lighting vault to meet additional airfield lighting needs and to reconstruct the existing Runway lighting system. 

$2.6 Million to Boeing Field/King County International in Seattle, Washington to install elevated runway guard lights for Runways to enhance safety.

$2 Million to Dickinson/Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport in North Dakota to install replacement Runway 7/25 end approach path identifier lights, making the airport more accessible by improving approaches to the runway ends and reconstructing Taxiway lighting.  

View a data visualization of the airports receiving grants.

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