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Obstruction Lighting Systems, Parts and Accessories

Obstruction Lighting Systems, Parts and Accessories

Jul 10th 2023

Genesis Lamp offers a wide range of obstruction lighting systems and parts, catering to the needs of various industries. One of their notable offerings is the LED-based obstruction lighting system, which provides energy-efficient and reliable solutions for marking tall structures.

For aviation purposes, Genesis Lamp provides red beacons/red strobes that are essential for warning aircraft of obstacles during both day and night. These lights are designed to meet international aviation regulations and ensure maximum visibility.

In addition to red beacons/strobes, Genesis Lamp also offers high-intensity white (strobe) lights. These lights are commonly used for marking tall structures such as towers or wind turbines. They provide a powerful flash that can be seen from long distances, enhancing safety for both air traffic and ground personnel.

For medium-intensity applications, Genesis Lamp offers white strobe lights that provide a consistent flash pattern while consuming less power compared to high-intensity options. These lights are suitable for structures that require moderate visibility markings.

Aviation Obstruction Light Bulbs & Flashtubes

Genesis Lamp partners with renowned manufacturers in the industry such as Dialight, H&P Hughey Phillips, Flash Technology, Avlite Obstruction Lighting, and TWR Obstruction Lighting Systems. This collaboration ensures access to top-quality products with advanced features and reliable performance.

Whether you need LED-based obstruction lighting systems or specific parts from trusted manufacturers, Genesis Lamp is committed to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your requirements in the field of obstruction lighting.

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